Figures For Papers

Custom-made figures of high quality

Our focus is so far on the biomedical field. Under your instructions, we design figures for your publications, posters, presentations and sites. It is common belief among the scientific community that illustrations help people to better understand and conceive what you are trying to describe. Moreover high quality figures add to the prestige of your publications and pave the way to positive feedback on your work.

Some figures can mislead the reader either by using a very simplistic (subtractive) or a very complex concept. A golden mean should be pursued in order for a figure to be successful. Figures that are published today in most journals that cannot afford a graphic artistic team are designed by lab members with simple software. They retain much of their descriptive power but lack in appearance and fine details that sometimes are important. Our team has people that are affiliated with biomedical research so we are able to design scientifically correct figures. Furthermore, our team is adept in specialized software to give descriptive power and a sleek look for your figures.